Episode 183

183 JSJ Should I go to college?


October 28th, 2015

1 hr 20 mins 33 secs

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02:46 - Panel Consensus and Experience and Career Paths

16:00 - The School Doesn’t Matter

19:59 - Panel Experience and Career Paths (Cont’d)

38:36 - Practically Helpful Knowledge and Disciplines; Interviewing and Hiring

46:38 - Privilege and Navigating Without Opportunity

49:54 - Why get a degree if it’s not necessary?

  • Support Structure

01:02:13 - Consensus Part 2


The More Things Change (Jamison)
Allison Kaptur: Effective Learning Strategies for Programmers (Jamison)
@Aimee_Knight (Joe)
Star Wars Battlefront (Joe)
Amazing Grass (Aimee)
Daniel Brain: Sane, scalable Angular apps are tricky, but not impossible. Lessons learned from PayPal Checkout. (Aimee)
xkcd: Correlation (Dave)
Lviv, Ukraine (Dave)
CharlesMaxWood.com (Chuck)
Every Time Zone (Chuck)
The Positioning Manual for Technical Firms by Philip Morgan (Chuck)
JS Remote Conf (Chuck)