Episode 230

230 JSJ Node at Capital One with Azat Mardan


September 21st, 2016

1 hr 7 mins 17 secs

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About this Episode

00:51 Jameson is looking for clients who need front and back end code for apps; @Jergason (Contact him via Direct Message)

04:40 An explanation of Capital One and its operations

6:06 How many Capital One developers are using Node and how it is being implemented

10:30 Process of approval for app/website development

14:15 How the culture at Capital One affects technology within the company

18:25 Using Javascript libraries to manage different currencies

19:40 Venmo and its influence on banking

22:32 Whether banks are prepared to operate in a cashless society

29:44 Using HTML and Javascript for updating projects or creating new ones

35:21 Who picks up Javascript easily and why: “It’s more about grit than raw intelligence.”

44:00 Upgrading via open source codes

45:40 The process for hiring developers

51:35 Typescript vs. non-typescript


“Nerve” Movie

Brave Browser

“Stranger Things” on Netflix

Angular 2 Class in Ft. Lauderdale, Discount Code: JSJ

“Strategy for Healthier Dev” blog post

Health-Ade Beet Kombucha

“The Adventure Zone” podcast

On the Cruelty of Really Teaching Computer Science article by E.W. Dijkstra

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Azat Mardan on Twitter

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