Episode 238

238 JSJ Intellectual Property and Software Forensics with Bob Zeidman


November 16th, 2016

1 hr 6 mins 3 secs

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03:08 The level of difficulty in determining code creators on the Internet

04:28 How to determine if code has been copied

10:00 What defines a trade secret

12:11 The pending Oracle v Google lawsuit

25:29 Nintendo v Atari

27:38 The pros and cons of a patent

29:59 Terrible patents

33:48 Fighting patent infringement and dealing with “patent trolls”

39:00 How a company tried to steal Bob Zeidman’s software

44:13 How to know if you can use open source codes

49:15 Using detective work to determine who copied whom

52:55 Extreme examples of unethical behavior

56:03 The state of patent laws


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