Episode 284

JSJ 282: Trails.js with Scott Wyatt


October 10th, 2017

45 mins 25 secs

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Joe Amies

Aimee Knight

Charles Max Wood

Cory House

Special Guests: 

Scott Wyatt

In this episode, JavaScript Jabbers talk with Scott Wyatt. Scott is the Co-founder, CTO, UEX at Cali StyleTechnologies, and is a Node developer and graphic designer.  Scott is on JavaScript Jabber to talk about Trails.js. and its simplistic build, but many useful functions.

Scott mentions that Trails.js was created by Travis Webb. Scott gives us an introduction to the Trails.js framework, as the Jabbers take apart and dive deep into the build, functions, and uses.  Scott goes into what trail packs are, and the similar or related projects. Scott talks about the ease of using trails to build with, and not ending up in frustration.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Trails.js is Node Framework and lightweight or Blueprint
  • Similar to Redux?
  • Is it MVC like Rails
  • You don’t need to understand it, it is all under the hood.
  • Tuple Space
  • Is this sole for server-side rendering?
  • Closest projects - Sails
  • Avoid problems like React.
  • Not dealing with corporations
  • Why would you want to use trails instead of other projects like Sails, rails, etc.
  • How do you get started - trailjs.io
  • Quickest way to learn Trails is to build a Trail Pack
  • Don’t be afraid to kill you darlings
  • Testing
  • It Trails production ready?
  • It is a particular type of app where Trails shines?



Travis Webb