Episode 285

JSJ 283: A/B Testing with Nick Disabato


October 17th, 2017

42 mins 27 secs

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Amy Knight

Charles Max Wood

Special Guests: 

Nick Disabato

In this episode, Java Script Jabbers talk with Nick Disabato. Nick is a newbie to JavaScript Jabber. Nick is the founder of Draft, an interaction design agency where he does research driven A/B testing of E-commerce business.

This is a practical episode for those who are running a business and doing marketing for the products and services. Nick talks about A/B testing for a number scenarios within the company, such as for websites, funnels, and various marketing mechanisms. Nick further goes into how this helps companies strategically increase revenue by changing things such as websites design or building funnels.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Testing of changes of Copy, Websites, etc.
  • What does it mean of changes, Tools, Framework, Plugins, etc
  • Does it matter what tools you use? Framework that works within your stack
  • How do make we company money
  • Researching for the next test
  • Testing for conversion rate to decide which design to go implement - Variant
  • Responsibility for the designs
  • Feature and getting pay for the service
  • Learn more about the resources and Copy Hackers
  • Large organization or developers, or a QA department
  • Optimization teams
  • Usability tests and coming up with A/B tests
  • Expertise
  • Why should be care?
  • And much more!



Nick Disabato



AB Testing Manual

Wider Funnels 

Copy Hackers