Episode 286

JSJ BONUS: Cloud Services and Manifold with Matthew Creager and Peter Cho


October 18th, 2017

46 mins 24 secs

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Amiee Knight

Charles Max Wood

Joe Eames

Special Guests: 

Matthew Creager and Peter Cho

In this episode, JavaScript Jabbers speak with Matthew Ceager and Peter Cho. Matthew and Peter are part of the team at Manifold. Manifold is a marketplace for developer services. Matthew takes care of growth and relations, and Peter oversee products at Manifold.

The panel discusses with Peter and Matthew what Manifold does and the benefits of a Cloud Service. Matthew gives perspective on how developers can get their cloud product on the market compared to open source.  Further discussion goes into how this will help the developer to get their products or services turned into a business quicker and save time  Also learn about when it is the ideal time to move to cloud services vs. running a server yourself.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Different kinds of definition of Cloud Services
  • Anything you would rely on as a third party service
  • What is the cloud service ecosystem - Services that connect to an application
  • Independent market place -  because it is difficult to turn a product into a business
  • Where are people using cloud services or running their own server
  • Spinning up a version of it is easier.
  • Time verses doing it yourself?
  • Experts running the services
  • Focusing on your product instead of managing the server and such
  • Where does the data live and who has access to that?
  • Lock In’s?
  • Tourist - Credentials management
  • How do I get this setup? Command Line or register online
  • And much more!










  • Ryan McDermott