Episode 289

JSJ 286: Creating a CSS-in-JS Library from Scratch and Emotion with Kye Hohenberger


November 7th, 2017

50 mins 49 secs

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Amiee Knight

Charles Max Wood

Special Guests: 

Kye Hohenberger

In this episode, JavaScript Jabbers speak with Kye Hohenberger. Kye is a developer and co-founder of Side Way. One of Kye’s most notable works and library is Emotion, a CSS and JS library.

Kye talks about what CSS and JS library is about in the context of the Emotion library system. Kye discusses why this is practical for the writing process, in comparison to other types of tools that do similar jobs. Kye explains the how this tool reduces the number of lines of code and is compact and clearer.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • What is a CSS and JS library?
  • Controlling CSS with JS, what does this solve?
  • Style bugs
  • What kind of styling are you using vs. complex styles?
  • Media query
  • A more declarative style
  • Using Sass
  • Where do you see people using this?
  • Class names and you can apply to anything
  • How Emotion works!
  • Style tags
  • Object styles
  • What are some of the problems you are solving
  • React Emotion - dynamic styles
  • How does this compare to other style components?
  • Glamor Styles
  • How do you test something like this?
  • Just Glamor React with Emotion
  • Can people use the Babel plugin
  • Pure flag and function calls
  • And much more!


  • Emotion.sh
  • Emotion-js/emotion
  • emotion.now.sh
  • @TKH44



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