Episode 293

JSJ 290: Open Source Software with Dirk Hohndel - VMWare Chief Open Source Officer


December 5th, 2017

1 hr 13 mins 49 secs

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In this episode, JavaScript Jabber speaks with Dirk Hohndel about Open Source Software. Dirk is the Chief Open Source Officer at VMWare and has been working with open source for over 20 years. Dirk duties as the Chief Open Source Officer is to engage with the open source community and help promote the development between the community, companies, and customers.

Dirk provides historical facts about open sources to current processes. The discussion covers vision and technological advances with languages, security, and worries of using open source software, view/consumption and burnout on maintaining a project. This is a great episode to learn about more different avenues of Open Source.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • What does the Chief Open Source Officer do?
  • What is really different and has stayed the same in open source?
  • Technological advances
  • Good engineering and looking ahead or forward
  • 100 million lines of code running a car…
  • This is in everything..
  • Production environments
  • Security
  • Bugs in the software and the security issues
  • Scaling and paying attention
  • Where should we be worried about open source
  • Notation and data sets
  • Write maintainable software
  • How does VMWare think about open source?
  • View and Consumption of open source
  • The burnout of open source projects - how to resolve this abandonment
  • To much work to maintain open source  - not a money issue
  • Scaling the team workload not the money
  • Contribution and giving back
  • Companies who do and don’t welcome open source
  • What to do to make a project open source?
  • Adopting an API
  • And much more!


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  • VMWare
  • Drikhh - everywhere!
  • https://github.com/dirkhh