Episode 305

JSJ 302: Evaluating Web Frameworks with Kitson Kelly


February 27th, 2018

53 mins 44 secs

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Charles Max Wood

Aimee Knight

AJ O'Neal

Special Guests: Kitson Kelly

In this episode, the JavaScript Jabber panelists talk with Kitson Kelly about evaluating web frameworks. Kitson is currently in Australia working for ThoughtWorks as a principle technologist. He has written many articles on frameworks and urges that people don’t get stuck on one framework in their programming. He talks about how using only frameworks that you know could hurt you in the long run. This episode is great for understanding when to use certain JavaScript frameworks and how branching out from what is comfortable might make your job easier.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Articles on web frameworks
  • How do you pick a JavaScript framework to use?
  • The framework depends on your changing needs
  • Recommending less popular frameworks
  • Angular, Ember, React
  • React vs Redux
  • Certain domains with different frameworks?
  • Each framework takes a different approach
  • How to decide which framework to use?
  • Only give it a couple days to see if your app works with the framework
  • Is it ever appropriate to not use a certain framework?
  • Frameworks are there to make your job easier
  • Don’t be afraid to try new frameworks
  • Choose a framework that will “be there tomorrow”
  • What is the future for frameworks?
  • Experiment and be honest with what you need
  • And much, much more!