Episode 328

JSJ 324: with Kent Beck


July 31st, 2018

1 hr 6 mins 32 secs

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About this Episode


  • Charles Max Wood
  • Joe Eames
  • Aimee Knight

Special Guests: Kent Beck

In this episode, the JavaScript Jabber panel talks to Kent Beck. Kent left Facebook 4 months ago after working for them for 7 years and is now self-unemployed so that he can decompress from the stressful environment that he was a part of for so long. He now travels, writes, creates art, thinks up crazy programming ideas, and is taking a breather.  They talk about what he did at Facebook, what his coaching engagement sessions consisted of, and the importance of taking time for yourself sometimes. They also touch on what he has learned from his experience coaching, how to create a healthy environment within the workplace, and more!

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Kent intro/update
  • Ruby Rogues Episode 23
  • Worked at Facebook for 7 years
  • What were you doing at Facebook?
  • Unique culture at Facebook
  • His strengths as a developer didn’t match with the organization’s
  • Coaching developers
  • TDD and Patterns
  • Advantages as an old engineer
  • What did coaching engagement consist of?
  • Takes time to build trust
  • Discharging shame
  • Need permission to take care of what you need to
  • Being at your best so you can do your best work
  • Vacation in place
  • What have you learned in your time working with people?
  • The nice thing about coaching
  • Everyone is different
  • How do we create a healthy environment within the workplace?
  • Mentor in Ward Cunningham
  • What is it costing us?
  • Why did you decide to leave?
  • And much, much more!