Episode 334

JSJ 330: “AWS: Amplify” with Nader Dabit


September 11th, 2018

1 hr 4 mins 11 secs

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  • AJ O’Neal
  • Aimee Knight
  • Joe Eames

Special Guests: Nader Dabit

In this episode, the panel talks with programmer, Nader Dabit, who has been with Amazon’s AWS for the past six months. They discuss the new innovations that Amazon is currently working on, and the exciting new projects that Nader gets to be involved with. Check out this episode to hear all the latest!

Show Topics:

1:45 – There are two main things that Nader works with. Check out this timestamp to see what they are.

3:29 – AJ to Nader: Tell me more about manage cloud. I am not sure about Cognito.

3:56 – Yes, Cognito is used by/through Amazon.

5:06 – What are the other manage cloud services that companies want to offer through the tools you have?

5:12 – Nader answers AJ’s question.

7:30 – Can you give me more specifics on the storage solutions you are offering?

8:03 – Nader answers AJ’s question. People store websites there for example. Frontend developers are using S3 buckets, and they are using the library, which is a storage solution.

9:10 – AJ and Nader are having a dialogue between different situations, and Nader is giving the solutions to those hypothetical situations.

10:17 – AJ: “I am interested in what you are talking about AppSync. Can you tell me how that works?” AJ is picking Nader’s brain about how AppSync works.

11:05 – Nader: “It is a single API layer for a point of entry. You can have multi-data sources.” Nader continues, in detail, answering AJ’s question.

12:36 – AJ: As a frontend developer, it sounds like I will have to become familiar with the backend, too. How is it providing the most value? What is it that I do not have to touch, because I am using this?

15:37 – How would these relations work? As a frontend developer, and I do not want to learn sequel, how would that might look like; currently or in the future? How do you extract that knowledge?

16:18 – Yes, it is not an easy solution to solve. Nader goes into detail about how he would approach this situation.

18:26 – AJ: Are these resolvers written in JavaScript?

22:04 – Acronym fun!

22:45 – Node

23:51 – Summarizing these pasts 20-some-minutes: Off-Storage, AppSync, Landis, and others are what people are using Amplify for. New Question/New Topic: Simplify.

25:45 – AWS MOBILE – is not mobile specific.

26:44 – If you are using Angular, we have a plugin in Angular to help you. We also have that for React and Vue as well.

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28:56 – What should we be talking about?

29:04 – Let’s talk about Amazon’s Lex, Chat Bot. Nader goes into full detail of this service.

33:52 – Apple T.V.

34:00 – AJ: Sounds like this is more platform/ more agnostic than getting different things to come together, and the Microsoft one is more hybrid and the Amazon one is more open?

35:13 – Joe, let’s go back to what you had to ask.

35:28 – Nader, you talked about PUSH notifications earlier. What is Pub/Sub?

36:30 – Is this like traditional hooks? Or custom?

37:25 – What is the “stuff” that gets you up in the morning and gets you excited to go to work at AWS?

38:40 – Nader: I really had no desire to change career paths, but it happened.

41:30 – AJ: I totally agree with the idea in that finding the common patterns, so that way someone on the lower-level can participate. AJ wants a platform that is open or purchase that can offer some of these benefits. It could be open-source or you used to buy the different tools.

43:27 AJ: What about for the hobbyist?

43:40 – Nader: I agree, that would be really nice. I can’t think of any free services that would be nice.

44:03 AJ – Not free in “free,” but “free” towards the idea of “free speech.” They would all be available and you get to choose what works well for you.

45:00 – SHOUTOUT to LISTENERS: Have an idea about this? Shoot the panel an e-mail!

45:33 – Hopefully this opens the listeners’ eyes to what’s out there.

45:48 – Cloud services.

46:55 – Innovation follows niche markets. When something gets big and established, innovation comes to a plateau. The innovation will develop in a new economic area like hydraulics. AJ thinks a niche will develop.

49:03 – Is there anything, Dabit, which you would like to talk about?

49:15 – Can we talk about AI as a service?

51:10 – Nader saw a demonstration recently.

52:26 – Hearing these implications is so cool, but when it comes to ML a panelist dabbled a little bit. He watched some videos, unless you want to devote a year or two to learning it then it’s too complex to put together. Do you have to be genius-level to get through?

53:29 – ML you are passing data. Nader is not quite sure.

56:00 Nader just did a blog post  check-it-out!

56:49 – Let’s do Picks!

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