Episode 358

JSJ 354: Elm with Richard Feldman


March 5th, 2019

37 mins 56 secs

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  • Joe Eames
  • Aimee Knight

Joined by special guest: Richard Feldman

Episode Summary

In this episode of JavaScript Jabber, Richard Feldman, primarily known for his work in Elm, the author of “Elm in Action” and Head of Technology at NoRedInk, talks about Elm 0.19 and the new features introduced in it. He explains how the development work is distributed between the Elm creator – Evan Czaplicki and the other members of the community and discusses the challenges on the way to Elm 1.0.

Richard also shares some educational materials for listeners interested in learning Elm and gives details on Elm conferences around the world touching on the topic of having diversity among the speakers. He finally discusses some exciting things about Elm which would encourage developers to work with it.



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