Episode 362

JSJ 358: Pickle.js, Tooling, and Developer Happiness with Anatoliy Zaslavskiy


April 2nd, 2019

1 hr 6 mins 30 secs

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  • AJ O’Neal

  • Charles Max Wood

Joined by Special Guest: Anatoliy Zaslavskiy


Anatoliy Zaslavskiy introduces pickle.js and answers the panels questions about using it. The panel discusses the automated testing culture and employee retention. The panel discusses job satisfaction and why there is so much turn over in development jobs. Charles Max Wood reveals some of the reasons that he left past development jobs and the panel considers how the impact of work environments and projects effect developers. Ways to choose the right job for you and how to better a work situation is discussed. Anatoliy finishes by advocating for junior developers and explaining the value they bring to a company.



AJ O’Neal

Charles Max Wood

Anatoliy Zaslavskiy