Episode 36

036 JSJ DOM Rendering and Manipulating


November 30th, 2012

48 mins 9 secs

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AJ O’Neal (twitter github blog)
Jamison Dance (twitter github blog)
Joe Eames (twitter github blog)
Merrick Christensen (twitter github)
Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Intro to CoffeeScript)

01:29 - Merrick Christensen is a new regular panel member

CascadiaJS 2012
JavaScript Modules: AMD, Require.js & Other Wins: Merrick Christensen

03:58 - DOM Rendering and Manipulating


06:49 - Differences

Load times
Ease of use

09:49 - The Ext.js approach vs the Backbone.js approach

15:51 - Templating engines


16:46 - handlebars.js vs mustache.js

18:08 - Templating engines (cont’d)


26:34 - Difference between the click handler and the delegate function

31:49 - Template engines and string generations

33:01 - Writing templates and learning APIs

35:03 - Ext.js issues

39:32 - Dojo

Aldo (AJ)
On Being A Senior Engineer (Jamison)
Joshua James: From the Top of Willamette Mountain (Merrick)
sparks.js (Merrick)
grunt.js (Merrick)
knit-js (Merrick)
Functional Programming for the Object-Oriented Programmer by Brian Marick (Chuck)
New Media Expo 2013 (Discount code Wood20) (Chuck)
Skyfall (Joe)
LEGO Lord of the Rings (Joe)
Global Day of Coderetreat 2012 (Joe)

JOE: If AJ talks on JavaScript Jabber, does anybody hear it?

CHUCK: [laughs]

AJ: Not if I don’t have my function key pressed down.

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CHUCK: Hey everybody and welcome to episode 36 of the JavaScript Jabber Show! This week on our panel, we have AJ O'Neal.

AJ: Yo, yo, comin' at you from the cowboy sphere of Orem, Utah.

CHUCK: We also have Jamison Dance.

JAMISON: I'm coming at you from bathrobe sphere of Orem, Utah. It’s much more comfortable than a cowboy sphere.

CHUCK: We have Joe Eames.

JOE: Comin’ at you from a cluttered office.

CHUCK: And Merrick Christensen.

MERRICK: Hey guys!

CHUCK: So, Merrick is new. Merrick, do you wanna introduce yourself real quick?

MERRICK: Sure. My name is Merrick Christensen. I've been developing JavaScript for a number of years -- big fan of it. You can find me on twitter and GitHub and all that kind of stuff.

JOE: Did you just recently speak at any conferences?

MERRICK: Yeah actually.


I just spoke at CascadiaJS on require.js. And actually, what's really cool is they just barely put the videos for that up today and I was so stoked at how high quality. So to the CascadiaJS team, you guys  did an excellent job.

JOE: Are the videos free?

MERRICK: Oh yeah. All free up on YouTube. And there’s some cool stuff -- there's stuff on like robots -- it was an amazing conference. The organizers just did an amazing job.

CHUCK: Sounds like fun. Was that up in the North West somewhere?

MERRICK: Yeah it was actually in Seattle.

CHUCK: Nice.

MERRICK: Yeah it was beautiful.

JAMISON: I heard that as one of the after party things, they took everybody up to see the James Bond movie?

MERRICK: They did yeah.