Episode 37

037 JSJ Promises with Domenic Denicola and Kris Kowal


December 7th, 2012

55 mins 9 secs

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Kris Kowal (twitter github blog)
Domenic Denicola (twitter github blog)
AJ O’Neal (twitter github blog)
Jamison Dance (twitter github blog)
Joe Eames (twitter github blog)
Merrick Christensen (twitter github)
Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Intro to CoffeeScript)

02:41 - Promises

Asynchonous programming

05:09 - Using Promises from top to bottom

07:08 - Domains

NodeConf SummerCamp

07:55 - Q

10:22 - q.nfbind

11:15 - Q vs jQuery

You’re Missing the Point of Promises

Coming from jQuery

15:41 - long-stack-traces

JavaScriptStackTraceApi: Overview of the V8 JavaScript stack trace API (error.prepare stack trace)

19:36 - Original Promises/A spec and Promises/A+ spec


Promises Test Suite

Underscore deferred

24:22 - .then

Chai as Promised

26:58 - Nesting Promises

spread method

28:38 - Error Handling


32:57 - Benefits of Promises

Error Handling

Multiple Async at once

Handle things before and after they happen

40:29 - task.js

41:33 - Language

e programming language


44:11 - Mocking Promises

45:44 - Testing Promises

Mocha as Promised


Code Triage (Jamison)
The Creative Sandbox Guidebook (Joe)
Steam (Joe)
Pluralsight (Joe)
montage (Kris)
montagejs / mr (Kris)
CascadiaJS 2012 - Domenic Denicola (Domenic)
Omnifocus (Chuck)
Buckyballs (AJ)

JOE: I can’t imagine your baby face with a beard, Jamison.

JAMISON: I never thought I had a baby face.

AJ: It was always a man face to me.

JOE: Everybody who is 15 years younger than me has a baby face.

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CHUCK: Hey everybody. Welcome to episode 37 of the JavaScript Jabber show. This week on our panel, we have AJ O'Neal.

AJ: Yo, yo, yo, comin' at you live from the executive boardroom suite of Orem, Utah.

CHUCK: Jamison Dance.

JAMISON: Hey guys!

CHUCK: Joe Eames.

JOE: Hey there!

CHUCK: Merrick Christensen

MERRICK: What's up.

CHUCK: I'm Charles Max Wood from devchat.tv and this week we have some guests -- and that is Kris Kowal.

KRIS: Hello. Yeah, Kowal.

CHUCK: Kowal. OK. And Domenic Denicola. Did I say that right?

DOMENIC: Denicola.

CHUCK: Denicola.

DOMENIC: It’s OK I got Americanized. That's probably the proper Italian pronunciation. Hi guys!

CHUCK: I speak proper Italian, so probably.

KRIS: Yeah and for what it’s worth, I think that the proper Polish is Kowal or something, but yeah.

JAMISON: Kris, are you from the Midwest? You have kind of Minnesota-ish accent.

KRIS: No. I'm actually unfortunately from somewhere in the suburbs of Los Angeles, but I grew up indoors and did listen to Prairie Home Companion. So I don’t know. Maybe.


CHUCK: Awesome. All right. So this week we are going to be talking about… actually there's one thing I need to announce before. If you are listening to this episode, you’ll probably notice a little bit of a difference with our sponsorship message. I actually left off one important piece to one of the sponsorship messages and that is for the Gaslight software training that's going to be in San Francisco, if you wanna sign up, go to training.gaslightsoftware.com and you can sign up there. They’ve been a terrific sponsor and I feel kind of bad that I botched that. But anyway,