Episode 45

045 JSJ jQuery


February 1st, 2013

53 mins 2 secs

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AJ O’Neal (twitter github blog)
Merrick Christensen (twitter github)
Joe Eames (twitter github blog)
Jamison Dance (twitter github blog)
Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Rails Ramp Up)

01:11 - jQuery vs Prototype vs MooTools

10:50 - JavaScript Going Mainstream

Fast Browsers
Web Developer Tools
Web Stack

13:21 - Usable JavaScript

17:05 - jQuery Pros

CSS Selection

20:16 - jQuery Mobile

20:48 - QUnit

21:21 - Running jQuery in Node


22:32 - CSS Manipulation

24:14 - jQuery UI

25:19 - jQuery Community

26:31 - jQuery Plugins

AJ’s image

Merrick’s image

29:52 - Ender & Zepto.js

33:44 - jQuery Cons

Custom Selectors
Plugin Documentation
API is too large

How to build your own jQuery

52:15 - AJ lied about jQuery

The Robert C. Martin Clean Code Collection (Joe)
Old Man’s War by John Scalzi (Joe)
Human Connectome Project (Merrick)
pahen / node-madge (Merrick)
Hype Machine (Merrick)
Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea by Barbara Demick (Jamison)
Men’s Medium Tall (AJ)
Ubuntu Phone (AJ)
Interpreted Dance (AJ)
Aaron Frost (AJ)
aaronfrost / getusermedia-gestures-preso (AJ)
AJ’s Blog (AJ)
Hydrofarm Thirsty Light (Chuck)
Powermat Power Dual 1200 Rechargeable Backup Battery (Chuck)

Joe’s Pluralsight Page
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CHUCK:  Hey everybody and welcome to Episode 45 of the JavaScript Jabber show. This week on our panel, we have AJ O’Neal.

AJ:  Yo! Yo! Yo! Coming at you live from the screencastosphere of Provo, Utah.

CHUCK:  So, I have to ask, AJ. You realize this is a podcast and that it’s coming to no one live, right?


AJ:  He’s got a good point.

CHUCK:  We also have Merrick Christensen.

MERRICK:  Yeah, I’m Merrick.

CHUCK:  Joe Eames.

JOE:  I’m not Merrick, I’m Joe.

MERRICK:  He’s Joe.

CHUCK:  Jamison Dance.

JAMISON:  Hello friends.

CHUCK:  And I’m Charles Max Wood from DevChat.tv. And this week, we’re going to be talking about jQuery.

So, I’m assuming we’ve all used jQuery at least a little bit.



CHUCK:  If you’re doing web stuff, it’s pretty handy.

MERRICK:  Actually, the first JavaScript code I ever wrote was messing with somebody’s little jQuery stuff on a form. And I remember I couldn’t get it to all work right. So I just had to set async to false. And I was like, “Man, this JavaScript language is stupid!”

CHUCK:  [Laughs]

AJ:  I wish my first experience had been with jQuery because I was not using jQuery when I was first using JavaScript and it was terribad. It’s like, “This works properly in no browsers!” Because each tutorial is wrong.

CHUCK:  Yeah. Well, I remember back in the day when I was using Prototype for my web app. So, jQuery was a huge step up from Prototype, I have to say.


CHUCK:  It’s just that the interface of the API felt better to me. I can’t really quantify how.

MERRICK:  That’s fair. I was a big MooTools fan and I was kind of a hate Query, if you will.

AJ:  As you should be, actually.

MERRICK:  I didn’t hate jQuery per se, but I really loved MooTools just because the APIs were just so beautiful. And also, all of this new age, these structural libraries like Backbone and all that kind of thing was really natural in MooTools already, right? Because everything was so class-oriented and I’m not saying classes are the only way to organize your code.