Episode 72

072 JSJ Screencasts


August 23rd, 2013

49 mins 30 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode


Jamison Dance (twitter github blog)
Joe Eames (twitter github blog)
Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Rails Ramp Up)

01:31 - Screencasting Experience

Pluralsight: AngularJS Fundamentals - Joe
Pluralsight: jQuery Advanced Topics - Joe
Pluralsight: Testing Clientside JavaScript - Joe
Teach Me To Code - Chuck

02:44 - Getting into Screencasting
06:16 - Screencasting and JavaScript Jabber

Sharing Knowledge
RailsCasts (Ruby)
NSScreencast (iOS)

09:45 - JavaScript Screencasts

egghead.io (Angular)

10:54 - Conference Talks vs Screencasts
14:34 - Blog Posts vs Screencasts
17:58 - Recording Screencasts (Tools)


22:59 - Voiceovers vs Typing and Talking
26:17 - Audio Quality

Blue Snowball
Blue Yeti
Shure SM58

28:53 - Editing Software

Adobe Premier Pro
Final Cut Pro
Video Hive

33:27 - Preparing for Screencasts

Large Font

40:23 - Videos of Yourself with Screencasts



RequireBin (Jamison)
The International - Dota 2 Championships (Jamison)
That Conference (Joe)
Seraphina by Rachel Hartman (Joe)
ng-conf (Joe)
Video Hive (Chuck)
LessAccounting (Chuck)

Next Week
React with Jordan Walke and Pete Hunt
JOE:  Well, you can represent the newbie perspective then.

CHUCK:  Yup.

JAMISON:  That’s my default job on this podcast.


CHUCK:  No, that’s my job, believe me.

JOE:  Au contraire, mon frère.

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CHUCK:  Hey everybody and welcome to Episode 72 the JavaScript Jabber show. This week on our panel, we have Jamison Dance.

JAMISON:  Hello.

CHUCK:  Joe Eames.

JOE:  Hey there.

CHUCK:  I’m Charles Max Wood from DevChat.TV. And this week, we’re going to be talking about screencasting and sharing what you know through that kind of a visual medium. Before we get going, I’m wondering how much of this have you guys done?


JOE:  [Chuckles] I’ve done a fair amount. I’ve got my three courses with Pluralsight that I’ve done. That’s pretty much all the screencasting that I’ve done, is through Pluralsight. But I have to say I’ve definitely done a fair amount, several hundred, maybe a thousand with the screencasting.

CHUCK:  Nice.

JAMISON:  When you say a thousand hours, do you mean a thousand hours of recorded video or a thousand hours of time put into this?

JOE:  Yeah, a thousand hours of time actually spent. So I’ve probably produced ten or fifteen hours of recorded video. Probably about that much and five or six hundred hours of time spent producing that much video, right around that.

CHUCK:  Well there you go. If you’ve read outliers, you know you have nine thousand hours to go, right?

JOE:  [Chuckles] Yeah. Exactly when I’ll be an expert.

CHUCK:  That’s right. I’ve done a fair bit of screencasting as well. In fact, I got into podcasting through screencasting and I ran TeachMeToCode.com for a few years. I’m actually looking at reviving it but it’s just some time that I haven’t been able to commit yet. But yeah, it’s definitely a fun and interesting thing to do to share what you know and get the word out about whatever technologies you’re passionate about.