Ben Farrell

Special guest

Ben Farrell has been making digital experiences for 20 years. His work in children’s media and digital video publishing have earned 3 Emmys and a number of other awards. Whether working for clients or playing outside of work, Ben has always been interested in emerging technology especially related to user experiences. With a passion for making the web a better place, much of what he tries to do is taking complex or new technology and making it friendly for web developers. In these efforts, Ben has crafted some unique web technology based experiments while writing and speaking about them. The trickle of exciting user experience technology that he has always been excited about has turned into a flood with many landing in the virtual reality space. So, It should be no surprise that Ben is incredibly excited about immersive experiences and the many user centric components that make up VR. 2017 is shaping up to be an incredibly difficult year to keep on top of all of the latest emerging technology and surrounding development & design practices. This is why Ben feels very lucky to be part of the Adobe Design Studio where he can play, create, and deliver new and innovative experiences while sharing his excitement with the rest of Adobe and the larger community.

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